2017 Reflections

Quick 2017 Refection: Another season has come and gone just like that.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I was a rookie on the World Cup, the Olympics, and the excitement of my eyes wide open taking it all in.   After struggling for the next two season that would follow, it felt amazing to have a year that I am proud of.  Even though I was very inconsistent, it was a big step in the right direction.  

Looking back I ponder the question of why and how I can change that moving forward.  It’s crucial as an athlete to recognize what I am doing different on days of success.  I need to be able to harness and replicate the feelings in those moments to be able to ski to my potential everytime I click into my skis.  Whether it’s physically or emotionally every athlete needs to have those triggers.  I think as a human this is something that we might not fully learn, and continually develop as we grow.

Once the season finished my mind immediately shifted towards next season.  While I've done a bit of reflecting/a lot of gym time, I noticed this abundant feeling of gratitude that I felt I must express.  The support that I’ve had to this point still blows my mind.  Even though it’s an individual sport, it truly is a team effort.  As I would not be where I am without all the support all around me, there is one that sticks out a little more these past two years.  The Lindsey Vonn Foundation.



It all started two years ago at a summer camp in New Zealand.  Us ladies were all sitting around enjoying dinner, when the topic funding came about.  The ski team used to be fully funded but over the more recent years some athletes have had to find the means elsewhere.  Being one of them, my story came about that I was one of these athletes in need of help to keep pursuing my dreams.  When Lindsey found this out she took it upon herself.  She made me the first ever Ambassador to her foundation, and out of her own pocket generously funded my season.  These past two seasons have been a massive learning curve and I gained so much more than just her helping my cause.  She has really taken me under her wing and guided me into this professional athlete world.  Having the opportunity to learn from the best female skier in history is absolutely incredible, priceless, and I’ve tried to absorb as much as possible!!  On and off the hill she has not only become a great mentor but great friend.  This post is about spreading the love of compassion and kindness to a fellow teammate in need.  I give many thanks to the LVF foundation.  Please learn more and donate if you can to help a great cause empowering young women through sport!  www.lindseyvonnfoundation.com

Director's Mortgage Camp Scholarship:

Through this process, I've been inspired to give back.  Seeing how much Lindsey has helped me continue pursuing my journey, I hope to do the same to younger racers.  This summer at my home mountain in Oregon, I will hold the second annual Jackie Wiles White Pass Ski Camp on Mt. Hood.  It wasn't that long ago that I was attending this White Pass camp with my friends.  It is fun to be back skiing and having fun with young rippers, and my old coaches!

I am very fortunate that one of my sponsors Directors Mortgage is helping me give back this year.  They are providing a scholarship for a kid to join camp who is in financial need.  I am very grateful for the support of Directors Mortgage family and their generosity!!

You can apply here: