UPDATED February 11, 2018

Thank you for checking out my website.  I want this site to be a place where my family, friends, fans, and sponsors can stay up to date with my efforts as a member of the US Alpine Ski Team.  I hope it will be a fun interactive page. I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated as often as possible. Here you will find a blog where I touch on my adventures on and off the slopes, as well as links to all my media outputs.


To be honest I never thought I would have my own website.  To me it seemed egotistical.  So much happened in a crazy successful 2016-2017 season.  More people have been asking about my story and have been wanting to follow my amazingly blessed journey.  My Uncle Jimmy had the vision of this website.  Unfortunately he recently passed away, never seeing the finished product.  He was one of my biggest fans and I dedicate this to him.


Thank you for checking it out.  I hope you enjoy it.


Much love, Jacqueline Wiles

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